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Why ProVision?

Experience Matters

Most small to mid-size organizations conduct webcasts on a limited basis – monthly, quarterly, or maybe once or twice per year.  It’s nearly impossible for organizations to become efficient and polished in webcast production when the task is performed so infrequently.

When communicating with your customers, it’s vital to project an image of total professionalism and competence.  This is a dangerous time to "dabble" in webconferencing.

At ProVision, webcasts are our primary focus.  We produce them constantly, and our production values are second to none.  When your organization’s image is on the line, you should leave nothing to chance.  Trust ProVision to produce your online event with excellence and distinction.


Technology Matters

Technical failures in webcasting often result from an inferior web conferencing solution.  Some solutions are low-cost, but come with a hidden price:  high bandwidth requirements and poor connectivity.  Additionally, some systems are notoriously poor at crossing firewalls.  If even a small number of webcast participants experience technical problems, your webcast is easily ruined.

ProVision works with the most advanced web conference solution providers in the world, to ensure a technically flawless webcast for your company.

ProVision webcasts are bandwidth friendly:  They can be accessed by any participant with a 56 Kbps or faster modem which these days, includes practically everyone.  Additionally, ProVision webcasts are firewall friendly:  All content is communicated through port 80, the standard port used for Web-based communications.  As a result, participants are never forced to summon IT personnel to “open ports” in the firewall in order to receive a ProVision webcast.


Price Matters

ProVision’s website includes a feature that is unique among online event producers:  A price page.

There’s a reason we publish our prices, and others don’t:  Our fees are typically less than half of what you’ll pay with other web conference producers.

How do we do it?  We’re efficient.  With ProVision, you don’t pay a bloated staff to check sports scores and emails between webcasts.  We keep it lean.  Our disciplined approach assures you of good value when you trust ProVision with your business.


Service Matters

If there is a single attribute that most distinguishes ProVision, it is this:  Outstanding personal service.  We are attentive to the smallest details of our business relationships, and we treat every client with the dignity and courtesy they deserve.


For assistance in making an apples-to-apples comparison between ProVision and other vendors, refer to the Vendor Comparison Matrix.

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