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ProVision bridges the gap between great trainers and the Internet-connected audience.  With complete behind-the-scenes event management, we enable organizations like yours to put quality training on the web – without capital investment, without hiring, and without developing in-house expertise.  Our attention to detail accords your programs the air of professionalism and sophistication they deserve.

Our services are grouped into two categories:

  1. Full-service Webcast Production.  Live, interactive, online events; also known as synchronous training.
  2. On-demand Training Production.  "Non-live" online training programs; also known as asynchronous training. 

An overview of both categories of service are described in the two sections below.



For assistance in making an apples-to-apples comparison between ProVision and other vendors, refer to the Vendor Comparison Matrix.

1.  Overview of Webcast Services


1.       PowerPoint Customization

2.       Online Registration with e-Commerce

3.       Automated Confirmation, Reminder, and Post-Event Emails

4.       Professional Moderation

5.       Information Sharing

6.       MultiMedia Training Content

7.       Video Integration

8.       Integrated Telephony

9.       Optional VoIP

10.   Music On Hold

11.   Online Testing and Grading

12.   Online Hosting of Downloadable Materials

13.   Instructor Orientation

14.   Loaner Headsets

15.   Promotional Assistance

16.   Recording and Archiving




1.  PowerPoint Customization

The foundation of a ProVision webcast is your PowerPoint presentation.  We begin by preparing your presentation for the online environment.  Just email the program to us (you retain full ownership of the program and its contents).  We add appropriate introductory and concluding slides, and prepare the program for online delivery.  ProVision works with the nation’s top webconferencing providers, and we select a webconferencing solution that’s right for you.

2.  Online Registration with e-Commerce

Visitors to your website can link seamlessly to a ProVision-hosted registration page, where they register for your webcast with the convenience of a credit card transaction.  You set the price, and we’ll be happy to advise you.  After deducting a per-site connection fee, ProVision sends you a report and a check for the difference.

3.  Automated Confirmation, Reminder, and Post-Event Emails

Immediately after registering, participants receive a confirmation email (along with a credit card receipt, if the event is pay-to-attend).  Reminder emails are sent to registrants before the event (usually at one week prior, and again on the morning of the event).  At the client’s discretion, automatic follow-up emails can also be sent to attendees (these typically include a letter of thanks, and perhaps a promotion of upcoming events).

4.  Professional Moderation

In addition to coaching your instructors, ProVision’s professional moderators (sometimes called “Event Facilitators”) handle all the technical aspects of your live program (even slide advancement and annotation).  Our moderators introduce the instructor, and provide instructions to the audience (how to ask questions, etc.). Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!  Our moderators have years of broadcast experience.  It's their job to guide your programs with professionalism and reliability.

5.  Information Sharing

Share applications, PowerPoint presentations, documents, or anything on your desktop during the live webcast.  Demonstrate how to use applications, or how to appropriately complete a form.  Sharing features are ideal for live demonstrations of your company’s software, or for demonstrating how to appropriately complete a form.  Permissions-based remote control allows participants to "try their hand at it" while their actions are viewed in real time by all participants. 

6.  MultiMedia Training Content

Engage your learners with PowerPoint animations and transitions, as well as complex multimedia objects like Flash, 3D objects, and streaming media.

(Flash is a registered trademark of Macromedia.)

7.  Video Integration

This feature allows participants to see a presenter during a live session.  The presenter uses a simple Web camera or video recorder to transmit his or her image.  Use of this feature is optional, and is not generally recommended unless the entire audience is known to connect at high bandwidth.  Because participant bandwidth is usually unknown, most presenters forego this option in order to make the event as "audience inclusive" as possible.

8.  Integrated Telephony

Teleconferencing is integrated into the web conference, providing the moderator with immediate and complete control over all participant audio connections.  Individual connections can be muted (for "listen-only mode") or opened (to enable participant questions).

9.  Optional VoIP

VoIP, or Voice over IP, is another way of saying "IP telephony."  This option enables presenters and participants to use their Internet connections for the conference audio, rather than a telephone bridge.  Major Advantage:  Users avoid long distance phone charges.  Major Disadvantages:  Some participants, especially those connected at low bandwidth, may experience poor audio quality.  Also, many computers in corporate settings are not equipped with sound cards; meaning they cannot receive audio via the Internet connection.

10.  Music On Hold

This sounds like a minor thing, but it's a feature that adds significantly to the professionalism of your webcast.  When participants connect to most webcasts (a few minutes before start time), they are forced to listen to clicks, beeps, and disjointed bits of conversation.  This is an inferior way to begin a webcast.

With ProVision, your participants have the reassurance of soothing classical music (or your choice of music), with the moderator's voice occasionally surfacing to assure that the conference will begin shortly.

11.  Q & A

Your webcast participants can ask questions and receive answers in real time.  Questions are submitted by telephone during designated Q & A portions of the program, or online at any time during the program (participants simply type their questions and click "submit.").  The moderator coordinates the questions, presenting them to your speakers in an orderly fashion.

12.  Online Testing and Grading

If your training programs include tests, ProVision can make these tests available online.  Scoring and grading will be conducted automatically (limited to one test per registered site).

13.  Online Hosting of Downloadable Materials

If your presenter wishes to make handouts available to participants, ProVision can provide registrants with a hyperlink for easy download of these materials in advance of the webcast.  ProVision can host the materials on its server, or simply link to the materials on your own website.

14.  Instructor Orientation

ProVision’s professional moderators work with your instructors, coaching them to deliver their training to an online audience.  Most trainers welcome the opportunity to deliver their existing training programs in the distance learning environment.  From the comfort of their offices, they can train the web-connected audience with the aid of familiar PowerPoint presentations – all while seated in front of a PC, wearing a telephone headset.  With a professional moderator guiding the program, the trainer can relax, focusing on instruction and responding to audience questions.

15.  Loaner Headsets

ProVision will ship you a high quality “loaner” headset for use in your webcast, free of charge (headset valued at $270).  Your loaner headset should be returned to ProVision within one week of the webcast.  Of course, if you already have access to a quality headset, you may use your own familiar system instead.

16.  Help Desk

ProVision supplies clients and event registrants with a phone number for round-the-clock customer support for technical service needs.

17.  Promotional Assistance

Generic advertising copy will be provided (at your request) to assist in your marketing communications, as you promote webcasts on your website and in other marketing material (e.g., newsletters, brochures, emails, etc.).

18.  Recording and Archiving

ProVision webcasts are recorded and can be posted online after the live event.  Registrants can access these recordings from a link on the client’s website, increasing sales and maximizing the impact of the webcast.  ProVision charges an initial production fee, and deducts a processing fee from the sale of each recorded webcast.

2.  Overview of On-Demand Services

ProVision will convert your PowerPoint-based training programs into high quality "On-Demand" programs. 

Because we partner with the nation’s premier on-demand delivery networks, ProVision ensures the highest quality streaming media experience for your association members, customers, or employees.


PowerPoint Conversion

As with live webcasts, the foundation of On-Demand training is your PowerPoint program.  Just email the program to us (you retain full ownership of the program and its contents).  We add appropriate introductory and concluding slides, and prepare the program for online delivery.

Professional Narration

ProVision’s professional narrators will record the audio component of your On-Demand programs, following your script.  Backed by years of voice production experience, we ensure a professional and credible audio track for your programs.

On-Line Delivery System

Once created, your On-Demand programs are ready for delivery to the global Internet-connected audience.  Customers can purchase your programs online, viewing the streaming media at their convenience in a self-directed, self-paced format.  For employee training, your custom-made programs can be posted on your company Intranet.

Integrated Learning Management System

The online delivery system for your On-Demand programs includes an integrated Learning Management System (LMS).  This system enables you to track all member, customer, or employee training almost effortlessly.  Quizzes and tests accurately measure and record whether learning objectives are achieved.

Copyright 2009 ProVision.  All rights reserved.  PowerPoint is a registered trademark of Microsoft. 

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