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Corporations reduce internal training costs and reach more customers through webcasts.

Employee Training

Cost Savings.  By training online, businesses realize substantial savings in travel costs, lodging, and time.  Live training is literally “delivered to the desktop,” or to a video projector in a conference room.  Your company can leverage existing resources to reach more employees with less effort.  By more efficiently utilizing the resources you already have, you can do more with your existing training staff.

Time Savings.  Webcasts are time-efficient.  A one-hour training session is exactly that:  One hour.  Webcasts dramatically reduce the opportunity cost of classroom training sessions and off-site seminars.

Improved Communication with Field Staff.  Companies with sales staff or service technicians scattered throughout the nation (or around the world) can improve communication and reduce travel expense with webcasts.  Employees can easily connect from a home office or a hotel room   All that’s required is an Internet-connected computer (56 kbps or better), and a phone or speakerphone (on a separate line) for the audio.  Voice over IP is also available.

Timely Training.  Live webcasts are an ideal medium for distributing timely information in an affordable and effective manner.  Emergent issues are addressed quickly; not once or twice per year at company training sessions and seminars.  Your employees remain "in-the-loop" regardless of their geographic location.  The immediacy of webcast communications makes your business highly responsive to changing conditions.

Clear and Uniform Message.  Webcasts are synchronous, with communication occurring in real time.  Information is delivered uniformly.  Regardless of location, every part of your organization is literally “on the same page.”  Because participants can ask questions is real time, misunderstandings are immediately resolved for the benefit of everyone in attendance.  Supporting documents, including slide handouts, are easily downloaded and printed by webcast participants prior to the live session.

Application and Document Sharing.  ProVision's advanced webconferencing platform includes application and document sharing features, enabling your instructors to train subjects that formerly required a computer lab.

Recorded Webcasts.  ProVision webcasts can be recorded and made available online.  Recordings include 100% of the audio and 100% of the visuals of the live presentation.  Employees who are unable to attend live training sessions can access archived recordings at their convenience, from any Internet-connected computer.  These recordings also make it easy to train shift workers:  Employees on third shift can easily access recordings any time, day or night.


Customer Communications

Professional Image.  When communicating with your customers, you know the importance of projecting an image of total professionalism and competence.  This is a dangerous time to "dabble" in webconferencing.  Trust ProVision to produce a smooth and sophisticated webcast.  Our expert moderators will guide and direct your presentation, freeing your presenters to relax and focus on content.

Customer Product Training.  Add value to your products by offering live training webcasts.  Online customer training provides you with a marketing advantage, helping you to win new customers who may be nervous about purchasing unfamiliar products.  Additionally, increased contact will help you to retain the customers you already have.  Customer training webcasts create knowledgeable customers, which ultimately reduces support costs.

Sales Presentations.  With live webcasts, your sales personnel can deliver rich and interactive presentations at a fraction of the cost of in-person meetings.  Webcasts enable you to stay in front of prospects between in-person meetings, maintaining momentum and shortening the sales cycle.  Online presentations can be used by sales personnel to show slides, documents, photographs, and rich media ... even to provide live tours of your company website, or live demonstrations of your software.


General Features and Benefits

Multiple Presenters.  Multiple presenters can contribute to a single webcast.  This “Panel Discussion” approach may be ideal for orientation training or customer sales presentations ("team selling").  Busy executives can contribute a message in a time-efficient manner (e.g., “A Message from the President”).  Each presenter contributes from the comfort of his or her office, while seated in front of a computer and wearing a telephone headset.

Minimal Investment.  For "non-fee-based" webcasts such as corporate training and sales presentations, ProVision charges a flat fee based on the number of connections.  Please refer to the pricing page for more information.

Minimal Effort.  ProVision handles most of the technical and administrative details of your online programs.  What are your organization's tasks?  You will work with ProVision to set up a schedule of webcasts.  Then, you'll post registration links on your website (supplied by ProVision), and announce or promote the programs through your normal channels.  ProVision's experts will train your instructors, ensuring their confidence and competence in this new medium.

Utilization of Existing Presentations.  You already have great presenters, and effective training and sales programs.  The hard work is done!  Now is the time to launch those programs into the world of online training.  Just email your PowerPoint-based training programs to ProVision (you retain full ownership), and let us orient your presenters.  Your training and sales staffs will reach employees or customers anywhere, from the comfort of their offices.

Lasting Impact.  Your webcasts can be recorded and made available online after the live event.  Visitors to your site will register to access these archived recordings, ensuring the ongoing impact of these training and sales events.

Webcast Links on Your Company Intranet or Website.  You can easily post your webcast links on your company intranet or website.  With a click of the mouse, employees or customers will link seamlessly to live or recorded webcasts, hosted on your server or hosted by ProVision (whichever you prefer).

Secure Online Environment.  Your password-protected programs are maintained in a secure environment, ensuring that your proprietary information is always protected.

The Outsourcing Advantage

Even if your organization has an in-house IT staff, it pays to outsource your e-training with ProVision.  We can  provide you with professional-grade webcasts for less than it would cost you to produce them in-house.

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