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Pricing Schedule

There's a reason we publish our prices, while the others don't:  ProVision's fees are typically less than half of what you'll pay with other full-service webconference producers!
For assistance in making an apples-to-apples comparison between ProVision and other vendors, please refer to the Vendor Comparison Matrix.

Live Webcast Production

For "non-fee-based" webcasts such as employee training, marketing webcasts, or collaborative webmeetings, ProVision charges a flat fee based on the number of connecting sites.

For pay-to-attend events (using online registration with e-commerce), ProVision charges no upfront fees to qualifying organizations.  Organizations qualify by providing three components:  The instructor, the PowerPoint presentation, and the audience (minimum 24 paid registrants).  ProVision withholds its fees from attendee registrations, forwarding the balance to you.


(for International Telephony add $10 per site)

Connecting Sites

Production Fee

Price per Site, Up to 60 Minutes

Minimum Number of Sites for which ProVision Charges
1 – 24
24.  ProVision may waive this 24-site minimum for new clients who are attempting to establish a market in webcasting (contact us for details).
25 - 49
24.  (see above)
50 - 99
24.  (see above)
100 and beyond
24.  (see above)

Volume discounts are available for clients who commit to multiple events.  Contact us for details.


Recording and Archival Services

Multimedia recording of the live event, for archival on CD or posting online.  (Note:  Clients who commit to multiple events may be eligible for free event recording and hosting!).  Includes:

         Up to three months online hosting by ProVision

         Hyperlink provided to client, enabling unlimited access to recording

         Online registration with integrated e-commerce

         24-hour-a-day technical support

Production Fee
$250 per event
Processing Fee
$25 per registration

On-Demand Production

Production costs for on-demand training depend on a number of variables, including number of slides and nature of content.

Please contact us to discuss your on-demand training needs.


Revenue Distribution

For pay-to-attend events (both live and recorded webcasts), end-users register online with a credit card.  E-commerce is hosted by ProVision.  As a result, all registration fees are collected by ProVision.  For pay-to-attend events, clients must price their programs at a level equal to or above ProVision’s fees.  All revenues in excess of ProVision’s fees will be forwarded to the client by ProVision within 30 days.


Background Information

How Do Webcast Producers Charge for Their Services?

Most full-service webcast producers charge for their services with two fees:

  1. Production Fee
  2. Per-site Fee

The production fee is a flat fee for delivering your PowerPoint program online through a web conferencing solution.  It typically covers setup costs, pre- and post-production activities, and other value-added services such as online registration and professional event moderation.

The per-site fee is a charge for each site* that connects to your webcast.  A site consists of one phone line to the conference call (for the audio), and one Internet access to the website (for the program visuals).  Many webcast producers establish a minimum number of sites for which they will charge in their webcasts, in order to avoid losing money on webcasts with low numbers of attendees.

Added together, these two fees typically make up your total bill to the webcast producer.

It's important to note that different vendors offer different service packages.  For example:  ProVision includes teleconferencing in the per-site fees.  With other vendors, teleconferencing fees usually appear as additional charges  as much as $30 or more per connected site.  Other event producers charge extra for services like online registration.  With ProVision, these services never cost extra.  Your only expense is your per-site fee, period.

Accurate one-to-one comparisons are critical in assessing the relative value of vendor services.  ProVision's Vendor Comparison Matrix is a helpful tool for comparing vendors, and determining the best value.


Two key elements differentiate ProVision's price schedule from those of most other webcast producers:

1.   ProVision waives all production fees (with 24 paid registrants or more).

Webcast producers typically charge production fees to launch your webcast (up to $1,000 or more).  This charge comes in addition to per-site fees.  High production fees diminish your profit potential, and make webcasting a more risky venture especially for organizations new to webcasting.

ProVision removes the obstacles to online training.  High production fees are a major obstacle, so we eliminate them.

2.      ProVision affordably accommodates small audiences.

Many webcast producers, like ProVision, charge for a minimum number of sites (a site is a single connection to the webcast).  When comparing per-site fees, it’s important to consider this number.  For example, a company advertising rates of $100 per site may actually charge for a minimum of 50 sites.  As a result, if 20 participants show up for your webcast, you still pay for 50 (50 sites x $100 = $5,000).  Of course, production and teleconferencing fees will probably be added to that.

“High minimums” make it difficult for organizations to start small in webcasting.  ProVision charges for a minimum 24 sites, lowering the risk to your organization and enabling you to start small and build a market.  Together, we'll grow.


The following chart illustrates a hypothetical price comparison, demonstrating how much ProVision can save you in web conferences with a low number of connected sites (24, in our example).  The prices listed for "Other Vendor" are actually lower than the prices of many other webcast producers.



Hypothetical Webcast with 24 Sites Connected

Minimum Sites Charge
Production Fee
Total Charges
$2,376  (24 sites at $99 per site)
Other Vendor
$5,000  (50 sites at $100 per site)

In the above example, you see clearly how “high minimums” and production fees can make it very difficult for organizations to experiment with webcasts.  As a result, most small to mid-sized organizations never enter the webcasting market.  ProVision is changing that.

* The term “site” is used rather than “participant,” because it is impossible to control the number of individuals who actually view the webcast at a specific location.


This uncontrollable variable is used as a marketing advantage, by promoting the fact that “an unlimited number of people can attend for a single fee.”  Registrants are encouraged to bring multiple participants to the webcast, in order to reduce their cost-per-attendee.  This attribute makes webconferencing an even more attractive option for your customers.

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