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Training Professionals

Training organizations reach huge new markets by launching their training online.

Leverage Your Current Training Programs.  You already have talented instructors and proven training programs.  The hard work is done!  Now is the time to launch those programs into the world of online training.  Just email your PowerPoint-based training programs to ProVision (you retain full ownership), and let us orient your instructors.  Your trainers will reach large new audiences from the comfort of their office. 

Minimal Investment.  For qualifying organizations, ProVision charges no upfront fees for webcasts.  Organizations qualify by providing three components:  The instructor, the PowerPoint presentation, and the audience (minimum 12 paid registrants).  ProVision withholds its fees from attendee registrations, forwarding the balance to your organization.

Minimal Effort.  ProVision handles most of the technical and administrative details of your online training programs.  What are your organization's tasks?  You will work with ProVision to set up a schedule of webcasts.  Then, you'll post registration links on your website (supplied by ProVision), and promote the programs through your normal marketing channels.

Revenue Stream.  Price your webcasts at a level above ProVision's fees.  After the program, your organization receives a comprehensive report and a check for the difference.  This revenue will more than cover your promotional expenses and instructor compensation.  The remainder is pure profit.

Continuing Revenues.  Your webcasts will be recorded and made available online after the live event.  Visitors to your site will register to access these archived recordings, increasing sales and ensuring the ongoing impact of these training events. 

Timely Training.  Live webcasts are an ideal medium for distributing timely information in an affordable and effective manner.  Emergent issues are addressed quickly; not once or twice per year at industry symposia and seminars.  Your organization is positioned as the go-to source of expedient and practical training.

The Outsourcing Advantage

Even if your organization has an in-house IT staff, it pays to outsource your e-training with ProVision.  We can  provide you with professional-grade webcasts for less than it would cost you to produce them in-house.

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